Candace Wilson

Candace Wilson Art Studio – The Healing Paintings Candace studied at the Ecole des  Beaux Arts in Angers, France but, it is her travels in the deserts of Africa and Oman, Antarctica and the Arctic that serve as her true…

Michelle Tourikian

Description: A visual representation of information gathering, desperately seeking to discover a tangible manifestation of thought through the mixed used of abstraction and figuration.  Traditional materials such as oil paint, canvas, wooden panels, pain brushes, and palettes knives collaborate to…

Seung Hee (Sally) Lee

Stunning glass art work and metal work Website:               Email:    

Maria Drazilov

Name: Maria Drazilov Town: Toronto Website: About: I am a photographer who pushes the boundaries of photography into hybrid grounds which emulates paintings and drawings.

Wilfred McOstrich

Name: Wilfred McOstrich Town: Toronto Email: About: Wilf is a renowned watercolour painter who uses colour for all its worth to capture and render the many moods and seasons of Ontario. His work garners many awards, appears in galleries and exhibitions…