Creative Photographers Markham Showcase – April 2015

Meet the Photographers

Awni Mamdani: his interest in photography started as a teen in Tanzania when he was given a Kodak box camera as a gift from his father. Awni is enchanted by observing light, colour and form and this is reflected in his work. His photographs are his attempt at capturing the beauty in nature that unfolds around us.

Brian Jarvis: Brian’s passion for photography began when his father gave him his first camera at the age of nine. Brian entered the world of macrophotography and became fascinated with a miniature world unseen by most. Brian tries to encourage everyone to stop, look closer and be amazed at the striking beauty often missed as we scurry through life.

Carolyn Lundrigan: Influenced by growing up on the east coast, Carolyn was drawn to landscape and wildlife photography to celebrate the beauty of nature. Her interest evolved from the grandeur of landscape to microcosms of macrophotography. An awareness of lines, shapes, and patterns in natural and man made environments has led to an exploration of intermingling the two.

Glenn Abuja: As a nature photographer, Glenn has had the opportunity to work for the Ministry of Natural Resources, recording projects as he worked in the field. He has also been a dedicated photographer with both Avian and Mammal Biologists recording their projects. Sharing time and images with others is part of his life.

Tariq Soomro: Growing up in a conservative Pakistan culture rich in diversity, Tariq’s photography interest started in the late 70s. He look towards life as an endless path of freedom where his journey never ends and photography is his partner throughout that journey. Tariq’s camera is his artist’s brush, these images reflect nature’s beauty and simplicity – tasking each viewer to slow down, free themselves from our material world, and reflect from their perspective. Harmony of nature in his images is there forever.

Robert Hyland: Photography is Robert’s way of trying to capture something about an intense experience – the concentration of a musician at a certain point in a song, the solitude of a kayaker on a morning lake. His father inspired him with his bellows camera – sharp, rich b&w images would magically come to life in his hands. Robert’s work as a designer has taught him to look for that moment, that difference, the composition that attracts people and transports them to another place.

CPM April 2015 Exhibit Poster

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