What do the arts & MAC mean to you?

What do the arts & MAC mean to you?


At the Unionville Festival last weekend and on our online petition we asked residents of Markham and visitors:

What do the arts mean to you?

What does the Markham Arts Council mean to you?

 We would like to share some of the touching answers we received here:

“The Markham Arts Council provides services and resources for artists who are looking for work in their artistic areas of specialization [. . .] It is an important resource and support hub for artists in Markham, and if it is closed down, the city itself will suffer greatly from the loss of a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse artistic community.” – Shazia Islam

“As a young person living in Markham and a starting-out arts manager, I need an organization that I can approach to gain mentorship and support. How else will we build our future community?” – Kathryn Lee

“MAC is a council that not only gives citizens of Markham a chance to freely express their love and passion for the arts, but it is also the mother organization that supports MTAC which lets many shy teens such as myself express my passion for the arts.” – Hayley So

“As a writer was who part of the IFOA Markham festival, I can attest to [. . .] the range and diversity of writers who participate in the program. It puts Markham on the map and brings the community together, as evidenced by the terrific turnout. This is an initiative to be supported and encouraged in every way.” – Lauren B. Davis

“I have been on the Markham at the Movies committee since its inception [. . .] without the initial launch of our group by MAC, and its ongoing support through insurance, accounting, administration, we would not only not be successful, we would not exist.” – Jo Ann Stevenson

“Having worked with them for 3 years, I can say that they are an essential part of the community. MAC doesn’t just bring art into the city, but it brings the community together through art.” – Ivy Chen

“Investing in a strong arts council is one of the most cost effective and impactful ways to enrich the lives of residents, unify diverse communities, attract new residents, businesses and visitors.” – Christian Hurst

“When we support the arts, we support the story of our city [. . .] When love for our home is expressed through the arts, it acts as a siren call [. . .] [and] we attract others who want to participate in our story. While we build and develop the body of Markham, let’s not lose sight of its soul.” – Omar Khafagy

“The Markham Arts Council and its projects are vital to the history and future of our town. It will be extremely beneficial for the downtown Markham boom. Keep MAC in our community.” – Nadiya Virani


You can still let us know what the arts & MAC mean to you over Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/markhamartscouncil), Twitter (@artsinmarkham), on our petition (http://t.co/b3UWbhoW5h), by e-mailing info@markhamartscouncil.com,


We want to hear from you as we enter into discussions with the City of Markham about our funding situation. Members of our Board will be meeting with City Councillors to bring forward recommendations for INTERIM solutions for MAC’s funding at the Council Meeting on JUNE 24th.

Our funding is still not decided, so please continue to lend your voices for a strong arts council in Markham!


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