Keep Your Arts Council Alive!

Keep Your Arts Council Alive!

Your Community Arts Council

Needs Your Help

Last night (Friday June 6, 2014) Global News aired a story on the Markham Arts Council (MAC) at 6pm ( ) and as a result, the Citizens of Markham are rallying around their arts council and stepping up to sign petitions online and on Main Street today during Unionville Festival in support of the arts in Markham.

Without municipal funding from the City of Markham, the Markham Arts Council will have to permanently close its doors on June 30, 2014. Since 2011, MAC has been asking the City of Markham—one of the wealthiest in Canada—to municipally support its arts council in keeping with other municipalities (see graph below) in Ontario. To date, City Council has refused.

On Monday June 9th at 9 am, Canada Room, Markham Civic Centre the Markham Arts Council will be presenting to the City of Markham General Committee and we need your support!

Though we have the city’s name, the Markham Arts Council is NOT a municipally funded arts council. To better serve artists and art enthusiasts in our community we need this to change.

 MAC Mandate:

  • To enrich the lives of Markham residents through arts and cultural programming and initiatives
  • To bring world class arts and cultural opportunities and programming to our City
  • To be Markham’s umbrella organization for the arts – fostering and nuturing new and established artists and arts initiatives
  • To help build Markham’s creative economy in partnership with the City and key collaborators (such as the York Region Arts Council, Varley Art Gallery, Markham Public Libraries, Unionville & Markham BIAs)

What are the benefits of Art & Culture?

For the Community:

Enriches the lives of residents
Fosters personal/artistic expression and exchange
Health and wellness benefits
Unifies diverse communities
Programming/positive outlet for youth at risk

For the City:

Arts & Culture is the “Heart and Soul” of its City
Encourages people to spend their entertainment $$$ in Markham
Attracts new residents
Attracts new business
Attracts Tourism visitors and increases tourism spending

 Please sign our petition below to show how much the arts mean to you.
If you believe in a strong arts council for the City of Markham please spread the word about this petition and our meeting!

Click here to access the petition:

Find the Facebook event:

And in support, use the hashtag #standforthearts on Twitter