“From the moment Ron Beer picked up his first guitar, casting his first pebble into the vast ocean of music to his big plunge into performing on his trek across Canada with just his guitar, Ron Beer has learned about humanity and himself.”

Ron Beer is an Ontario native, and Humber College graduate in songwriting.  His raw talent fused with a deep-set passion for melody, Beer wears many titles as a singer, songwriter, author and entertainer.  Having produced 5 full lengths CD’s, his latest single release, “the Blues Don’t Say it All” was a quest to discover a greater depth of his soul and music.  Due to his incredible shade of rhythm and blues, “the Blues Don’t Say it All” has received major air time and has reached #5, for two weeks, on the Calgary music charts.  Beer is a dedicated songwriter whose passion has led to 3 songwriting books and, the Boogie Boy Blue graphic novel series.   As an active member in his community, Beer has opened a Songwriter’s Music School, in Markham on Heritage Road and can be seen lending his entertaining skills to host the annual Songwriters Music Festival; the Markham Stouffville, Songwriter in the Hospital; and York Region’s Canadian Mental Health Association, Songwriter for Mental Health.  In 2013, Beer will be the director of the annual Songwriters Musical Festival in Markham.

“ Sometimes you have to find your rhythm before you can discover your soul.”

5 Minutes with Ron Beer

MAC:    What inspired you to create The Songwriters Music Festival? Why do you think it is vital to celebrate songwriters?

I created to unite regional writers groups from the songwriters association of Canada, I am the Durham representative.

MAC:  Who are your favorite songwriters and why?

My favorite songwriter is Daryl Hall , fantastic groove.

MAC:  What makes a good songwriter?

A good songwriter uses words and music to create and release tension,  to engage an audience.

MAC:    Do you think the art of song writing is at stake with the popularity of mainstream music?

Somebody still has to be the creator!

MAC:    What is the objective/mandate/purpose of The Songwriters Music School and what do you hope to achieve by establishing the school?

Songwriters music school was created to advance the craft of song writing for people in York Region.

MAC:  What are you planning for 2013?

Songwriter’s music festival in fall 2013 at the new east community centre attached to the hospital.


The Markham Arts Council would like to thank Ron Beer his time to provide us with an interview about his journey in songwriting.  It was a pleasure working with you!

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